Welcome to the Shore Leave Author Panels WikiaEdit

This is a space for authors attending Shore Leave 2017 to put together our panel listings.

Instructions (last updated 3/7/17)Edit

We now have winnowed our suggestions down to the top 35. Now we need to work on finalizing our panelists and descriptions.

Up until now we have been using working descriptions and titles for panels. If you wrote the title or description for a panel that was approved, please go to the 2017 Panel Idea Scratchpad and revise them now if necessary. Panel titles should be clear to a general audience and compelling. Panel descriptions should be clear to a general audience, compelling, and 35 words or less. If you are happy with your panel title and description (and it meets the length requirement) then obviously you are not required to change anything.

If you volunteered to be a panelist or moderator, please take the time now to consider real-world logistics. Do you want to be on fifteen panels in a seventy-two hour period? An ideal size for a panel is a moderator and three to four additional panelists. If a panel has nine volunteers and you were on the fence about it, perhaps you should drop out. If another panel is undermanned and one you preferred didn't make the cut, perhaps you should volunteer for that one. If a panel you suggested has no moderator, perhaps you should volunteer for that. Please use the 2017 Panel Idea Scratchpad as a hub and go to the individual page for each panel to add or delete yourself as necessary. We're hoping that over the next week the schedule will take its preliminary form. Next week we will allow everyone a final pass for a sanity check in case anything got overlooked.

If you have any technical issues, feel free to e-mail Steve or Aaron and we can make nay necessary changes on your behalf. Edits on the preliminary schedule will stop Sunday, March 26 at midnight EST.

Latest activityEdit

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