Welcome to the Shore Leave Author Panels WikiaEdit

This is a space for authors attending Shore Leave 2018 to put together our panel listings.

Instructions (last updated 6/14/18)Edit

Bottom Line Up Front: Please make your final panel selections by midnight EST Sunday, June 17.  Please also make final changes to titles and descriptions.

Background Information:  Based on your input we have brought our 44 suggested panels down to a final 35.  Now that we're no longer in the brainstorming phase it's time to consider logistics.  Think about how many panels you'd actually like to be on for the convention.  Please add or remove your name from panels based on how many panels you expect to be able to reasonably be on.

Please also consider how packed or how light a panel is.  A good panel size is four panelists and a moderator.  It's cool to see that some of our panels were popular enough to attract 17 participants, however that would be a completely impractical number in practice.  Plenty of others only have four, so could easily accommodate a newcomer.  We're hoping that you can help us get our panels down (or up) to a reasonable number.  Also, if you happen to be on a panel without a moderator, please consider volunteering for that position.  We'll try to evenly spread moderating duty as much as possible in the final schedule.

Now that final panel selections have been made, we'd also like to ask those who proposed them to finalize the names and descriptions.  Remember, panel descriptions should be kept to 35 words.  Titles can be pithy, but above all should be clear.

We have also received three proposals for individual presentations, so those slots have been filled.

What We Need From You:  Over the next week, please review the panels that you volunteered for.  Using the 2018 Panel Idea Scratchpad ( as a jumping off point, go to the individual page of each panel you volunteered for.  Please insert or remove your name to account for your availability, and, where possible, to help pare down panels which are too large or beef up panels which are too small.  You may also consider volunteering to moderate panels which currently have no moderator.

Also, if you proposed a panel please go to the scratchpad and ensure that your description is 35 words or less.  If you have a title change, please place it in parentheses after the working title so that people can still recognize the panel they volunteered for and the links won't be affected.  If you have any technical issues, you can also e-mail your changes to Stephen ( and Aaron ( and we can add your preferences for you.

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