1. The Freelancer's Dilemma
2. Superhero TV – Scorecard
3. Why We Love SciFi
4. Wrapping a Trilogy/Wrapping a Series
5. Staying Connected with Readers in the Modern World
6. Weird Westerns
7. Collaborations: Writing as a Team Sport
8. The Librarians: Filing Evil Under History
9. Women Kick-Ass Heroes
10. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds--Where it Started and What it Hath Wrought
11. Original e-books/e-novellas: We write 'em--does anybody read 'em?
12. Writing Behind-the-Scenes Books: the Making-of Movies and TV Shows
13. Buckaroo Banzai: the Good, the Bad, and the Weird Truth
14. Crazy 8 Press
16. Wonder Woman
17. Rey
18. Pitching
19. Publishing in 2016
20. Firebringer Press Book Launch
21. Fan-into-Pro
22. World-building
23. How to survive your first SF/Media con
24. Myths about Writing
25. Why You Have a File at the NSA
26. Step One: Writing! Step Three: Published!
27. Where Do Writers Start?
28. Does Author Gender Matter?
29. Upcoming Star Trek Books
30. Crossing Genres
31. Working with Editors
32. Fan Fiction
33. The Rise of Geek Culture
34. Writing White Characters
35. Star Trek at 50
36. What if halfway through Book 2, your protagonist turns out to by gay? Writing LGBT Characters for a Straight Audience
37. Writing Believably About the Military in Sci-Fi & Fantasy (Common Mistakes to Avoid)
38. Rules writing instructors insist you follow, and why always following them is a terrible idea!
39. Building your novel: The Outline Process
40. The Twelfth Doctor
41. Turning a Game into a Novel
42. Doing Research
43. Building an Anthology
44. Meeting eSpec Books
45. The Whole Package
46. Self-Promotion 101