2015 Panels

- Alternate, Steampunk, Gaslamp: Creating Parallel Worlds
- E Pluribus Fiction: Writing & Editing Anthologies
- Publishing: The Good, The Bad, and The Indie
- Generations Geek: Families and Fandom
- Philosophy, Religion & Paganism in SF/F
- Why We Write SF/F
- The Best & Worst of Star Wars & Star Trek
- Etiquette & Netiquette for Writers & Publishers
- Writing Tips for Aspiring Authors
- Writing the next book
- The 60s: What’s Old Is New Again: Trek, Batman, UNCLE, Apes, etc.
- Writing groups and beta readers, How to give and receive criticism
- Keeping it Real: Using Facts in Fiction
- Switching It Up: Writing different kinds of books
- Orphan Black: Season 3
- What’s Coming from Star Trek
- Show Me the Money: Crowdfunding Basics
- SciFi humor
- LGBT characters in SFF
- All roads lead to Holmes
- The Twelfth Doctor
- Upcoming Stargate Fiction
- Star Trek Voyager: 20 Years Later
- Writer Beware!
- Military fiction vs. real military life
- Writing and publishing short stories
- Brave New Girls
- eSpec Books Introduces The Side of Good / The Side of Evil
- Comic Books, the New TV/Movie Go-To Source
- Canon or Not, tie-ins’ relation to source material
- Writing in a Shared Universe
- Tor Books: New And Upcoming
- Firebringer Press panel
- Crazy 8 Press

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